You will never understand Sam.

Whatever, dude. I think there’s nothing to understand. He betrayed us. End of the story.

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You didn’t tell us too! Sam! What are you saying?! And even if he’s an angel he can do mistakes, like everyone else! What, you’re an angel-expert now?

Do you really wanna kill him like he’s no one? I thought you’d got your soul back.

You’ve got a point, Dean. But I am not keen on forgiving him so easily, there’s no reason good enough to explain what’s he done.

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I’m just saying that maybe he did all of this for us, maybe he thought that this was the right thing! You thought killing Lilith was the right thing but you started the Apocalypse! You thought drinkin demon’s blood was ther right thing! You thought being with Ruby was the right think even if everyone told you the opposite. Everyone can make a mistake Sammy! You should be the first to know that!

And I’m telling you WHY the hell didn’t he tell us?

And he’s angel. He’s not supposed to make mistakes.

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I don’t know Sam. I forgave you with the demon’s blood thing, maybe we should give him another chance.

Dean, what’s with you lately?

I don’t know how we can possibly forgive him? This is no joke, Dean.

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We worked with Crowley too, remember?! And I think you’d prefer spending the rest of your life in a cage with Michael and Lucifer that return to the earth, am I right?

You’re a bitch Sam, I mean it this time.

I’m done with you.

Yes, we did. And WE TOLD HIM. Why didn’t he come to us first? Dean, I can’t trust him anymore. I want to but I really can’t.

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Screw you Sam. This may be easy for you but it’s Cas we’re talking about.

He saved me Sammy. He saved you too. He’s family and he betrayed us, but we can’t just kill him.

Oh, Dean…please! He WAS family once, you said so yourself!

He SAVED me?? Please! He did an awful job at saving me ‘cause he left my soul there and what if he did that on purpose?

I know it is hard for you to accept this, Dean. But he’s working with Crowley.

He didn’t trust us so why should we trust him? I really can’t see why you insist.

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Sam, chill out! What are you talking about! We need to think first and act later. We’re not going to kill anyone until I say so.

What? Dean, you said so yourself. If he doesn’t stop we’ve gotta kill him, dude!

Or do you still trust him after he betrayed us like that?

With Crowley, no less!

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Sammy, dude!
Where are you been, I searched for you everywhere!!

Hi, Dean.

I was out with Bobby to look for an easy method to kill angels.

You know WHY. Did something happen while we were out?